To increase cancer awareness in our community and toprovide resources both for earlytesting and for financial assistancetoward cancer treatment.

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About Us

We are a compassionate group of concerned individuals whose
own lives have been touched by Cancer. Our wish is to help
individuals and families in Northern Nevada struggling with the
emotional times during treatment and recovery.

Board of Trustees

Joe Lopez
Denise Banks
Don Apodaca
Lisa Koch
Jeremy McGuigan


Who are we?
We are the Cancer Awareness of Nevada. We are sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers and friends who have been affected by cancer and want to do something. We work to honor those lost to this disease. We are a hard working group, working together with health care providers, corporations and the media, to encourage people to get involved and talk about cancer with their doctor, their loved ones and everyone they know. Together, we will raise awareness and advocate for early testing.

Where do the proceeds go from donations and events?
The donations and funds raised from events will help pay for testing, early detections screening as well as to provide financial assistance from those diagnosed with and in treatment for cancer.

Who decides on where the money goes?
Ultimately, the board of Cancer Awareness of Nevada decides on the allocation of financial assistance. The approval is based on several factors but a letter of diagnoses must accompany each application to be considered.

Does the money raised stay local?
Yes. As with all funds raised by Cancer Awareness of Nevada, assistance is for those residing in Northern Nevada only.

Is there a limit on how much you’ll give to one recipient?
Currently, a limit of $500 has been established. With that said, each person’s financial situation is reviewed on an individual basis